Do you ship overnight? - No

The short answer is no and there are no exceptions to this rule. 

Here's why:

All of our colors are made-to-order. This means once you click purchase on our website, your order begins it's journey through our order processing and production system. We do this to ensure our customers have the absolute freshest paint possible (paint does eventually go bad with age). Adding an overnight service would mean that we'd have to place those orders in front of the production line which isn't fair to our other customers. That said, this service would also require special handling. Add that to the extra shipping cost and this would make a simple touch up purchase quite expensive.

Some products like aerosol cans and our larger professional size containers are restricted to ground shipment. In any case, from our experience it's in our customers best interest to not offer this service even on eligible items. We do know based on industry standards that our shipping times are very quick, so we ask for a little patience when planning your next touch up job.

A rushed paint job is usually a bad one. If you take your time your touch up will turn out right! Check our shipping times article for more information. 


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