Shipping & Delivery Information, Restrictions, Times

TouchUpDirect paints are 50-state legal (including Alaska and Hawaii), and their sale and distribution within the U.S. is not restricted. We can ship to all states in quart and pint containers, aerosol spray cans, as well as our super-portable touch up jars and touch up pens.

The international distribution of TUD paints is a slightly more complicated matter. You can get our touch up pens and touch up jars – the most portable and robust packaging options we offer – virtually anywhere on the planet where there’s a car with a scratch on it. Cobblestone chips from an alley in Austria? Bush rash in deep, dark Africa? Polar bear claw marks in Manitoba? Handlebar scratches in Vietnam? TUD has got’cha covered.

Unfortunately, our larger packages, such as those containing aerosol or paint cans (which are heavy and/or dense) have an awful track record when being shipped internationally: something like 65% are compromised in-transit. Also, some nations have rules about shipping pressurized products that affect aerosol paint dispensers. Therefore, we’ll only sell and ship the smaller, more compact and sturdy jars and pens outside of these united states. If you order paint in a size other than jar or pen internationally, your order will be cancelled.

To receive your TUD paint as quickly as possible, we’d recommend ordering in the morning (Left Coast time), Monday through Thursday. We work hard, and our staff gets most orders out the door in 24 hours, and those orders usually arrive within 5-7 business days in the continental U.S. However, if you order late on a Friday or on the day before a holiday, the order probably won’t leave our facilities until the next business day. We’re ready and willing to get orders filled and shipped, but we also like to let our staff enjoy their time off, so don’t expect them to be mixing paint and packing boxes on the weekend.

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