Return, Exchange, Replacement & Cancellation Policies

Like almost any paint you buy, whether for your Firebird, Fireblade, F-150, Fiesta or foyer, TouchUpDirect paints are made-to-order. You don’t expect us to keep thousands and thousands of paint colors in stock, do you? That would be silly. When you place your order, we mix your paint, just like a body shop.


Despite making your paint especially for you when you order, we will accept returns of unopened and unused TouchUpDirect paints up to 30 days from the date of your order. Unopened and unused touch up paints that are returned are subject to a 25% stocking fee, because we will now have that paint on our shelves. We cannot reimburse you for shipping.

Please contact us at with an email that includes your order number for an approved return-authorization number before returning or exchanging paint. We will not accept returns without a return-authorization number written on the outside of the package in close proximity to the shipping information.


If the paint you purchased needs to be exchanged, we can help. Keep in mind that not all products cost the same, and there may be additional shipping charges depending on the situation (and the aforementioned price differences).

You will need a return-authorization number for exchanges too, so contact us at with an email that includes your order number for an approved return-authorization number.

If you received your product damaged or in unsatisfactory condition, and are inquiring about an exchange for a replacement, please send us an email with photos of the damage and a description of the issue, and a replacement will be sent upon review of the claim.

Note: If the touch up paint you purchased does not match the paint on your vehicle and you can satisfy the requirements of our color-match guarantee (you can view our color-match guarantee by clicking here), you mustn’t return your paint, and we will work with you to get the match correct.

In case it wasn’t clear (a little paint pun there), TUD will not accept the return or exchange of any paint that’s been opened or used.


If you receive your order and it’s been damaged in-transit, or the package has been damaged or opened, notify us immediately. This applies for broken/opened/damaged product as well as open-box/missing products from an order. Photo-document all damaged product, because evidence of the aforementioned damage will be required by both the shipping agent and TouchUpDirect.

We’ll contact the shipping provider and work to establish culpability. While that process is underway, we’ll also speak with you to figure out how to get you a replacement for the damaged or missing product as soon as possible, or as soon as is convenient.


Your order can be cancelled without being billed if the production department has not yet mixed your specific order. If your paint has been prepared, then a cancellation will be processed as a return, and assessed the 25% stocking fee.

TouchUpDirect mixes and ships paints at the speed of sporty tortoise – careful, methodical, and consistent. Your order typically leaves the production facility within 24 hours of being ordered. If you order early in the morning, your order may go out the same day. If you order on a Friday or the day before a holiday, your order may not ship until the next workday (our tortoises work hard all week, so we let them enjoy their weekends not at work).

We’re in business because of your business, and we want to keep you satisfied. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us immediately for a resolution. Support is available at, or you can give us a jingle at 855.600.8160.

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