What is a Tricoat?

Tricoat is a term that is used to describe a color that has three steps or "layers". This is usually the case with Pearl Whites and even with some Metallic/Pearlescent Reds. Just like with any color our goal is to replicate the factory process. In order to do this some colors must be formulated this way. These colors will be more expensive because it's literally twice the paint! 

Here are the three components -

1. Base Color or Base Coat

2. Mid Coat or Mid Color

3. Clear Coat

It's important to note that all colors require the third step (Clear Coat) in order to replicate the factory finish. Tricoats are just as easy to apply, as they just have an extra step. Here is a link to our instructions page for more information on how to apply your paint. Touch Up Paint Instructions 

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