How do I find my color? Auto/Motorcycle


Most vehicles have what's called a color code. This "code" is a color's unique identifier and most vehicles have the code listed on the doorjamb. If the color code isn't visible on the drivers side doorjamb, check the passenger side or under the hood. Some cars will have it in the trunk (Audi/VW). The color is typically listed on the same sticker as the VIN.  

Motorcycle manufactures are less likely to have a color code. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha will typically have a code but it may not be listed on the bike. If the code is not on the bike, a quick call to the dealer can usually help determine what color you have. We recommend contacting the dealer while on our website to help guide you. 

Follow the link below for more information on color code locations 
How To Locate Your Paint Code

Common misconceptions:

"I don't need the color code, I know the name of my color" The color name can be unreliable when dealing with Auto manufactures. They will often use the same color on a different year/model but change the name. The color code always remains the same - the name can change. 

"I can just look at the color swatches to pick my color" Color swatches will never be 100% accurate. They are an approximation of the color. Depending on certain variables, like contrast ratios and brightness settings, a color swatch can look dramatically different from screen to screen.   

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